Can I bring my Campervan /Caravan?

Where is the nearest accommodation?

Are there roadhouses located near Laura?

Where is Laura?

How do I get there?

Is the road sealed?

What are my Festival Camping Options

How much room will I have to set up camp?

If I book multiple campsites, will they be together?

When can I set up my camp?

Will tents be supplied?

When can I access Tent City?

Can I park my car near my campsite?

Can I come and go from the campgrounds in my vehicle?

Is there power available in the campgrounds?

Can I bring a generator?

Is there drinking water available in the campgrounds and tent city?

What can I bring to cook food?

Are camp fires allowed?

Can I bring a camera or video recorder into the festival?

Can I bring my dog?

Can I bring my own alcohol?

What items are prohibited?

Will there be atms in the festival?

Will eftpos be accepted in the festival?

Will there be mobile signal?

Will I be able to charge my phone?

Will there be free drinking water available at the festival?

What services are there for people with a disability?

Will there be a first aid station?

Will there be cloakroom/storage facilities at the festival?

Are pass-outs available?

Is there parking available at the festival for non-campers?

Is there any seating in the festival precinct?

What kind of food and drink will be available in the festival?

Will my bags be searched?

Can I smoke in the festival precinct?

What will the weather be like?

Are there showers and toilets?

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