Thanks to those people who attended the 2023 Laura Quinkan Indigenous Dance Festival

We will be back with Festival updates very soon.

The Laura Quinkan Indigenous Dance Festival is a 3 day camping festival, Celebrating Culture and Recognizing History

Dance troupes from across the Cape York and the Torres Strait will gather in the small community of Laura to showcase stories through dance routines, sharing history and uniting as one.

The township of Laura is the central meeting place for people from the Cape York, as well as being home to Australia’s most significant collection of rock art, it hosts another internationally recognised celebration of Aboriginal culture, the Laura Quinkan Indigenous Dance Festival.

The dance festival grounds at Laura occupy the site of a very old, traditional Bora ground. It’s a respected and sacred site. Here, people from different communities located across the Cape York Peninsula come together to celebrate with music, dance, singing and cultural performances.

The Laura Quinkan Indigenous Dance Festival is the time  where families old and new meet, exchange, rejuvenate and pass on knowledge and history.

Laura Quinkan Indigenous Dance Festival, aboriginal communities travelling from far and wide across this vast region to tell their stories through dance and song.


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